Some Fine Print

This page offers details regarding my various policies. Please take a moment to read them. If something isn’t clear, do feel free to Contact Me for clarification.

My Personal Guarantee

This is a simple policy. I guarantee complete satisfaction. Failure is quite simply not an option!

Payments Policy

Payment in full is expected before the execution of services and any additional expenses generated — Changes and Operating Funds (see Pricing) — is expected immediately upon request. Payments may be made by check (made out to Barb Cherim and mailed to PO Box 551, Jackson, NH 03846), or made by Venmo. (See Returned Check Policy).

Cancellation Policy

All payments made are non-refundable if a notice of cancellation occurs at any point, prior, during, or after the event. (Please see Refunds Policy, below).

Refunds Policy

If for some reason I fail to deliver, and if I cannot make it right, I will offer a full or partial refund less expenses (Operating Funds paid to vendors, however, might not be returnable). That said, failure is not an option (See My Personal Guarantee.) If, however, you cancel the event, no refund will be issued (see Cancellation Policy, above).

Returned Check Policy

An issuer of a returned check, regardless of reason, will be re-invoiced for the original amount plus a fine of $50 to cover bank fees and administrative costs.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as important to me as my own and as such I will protect your information by all available means. Your data, identifying or otherwise, will not be shared, sold, rented, or distributed in any way. I may, however, use the information you provide to make direct contact with you for marketing or other related purposes anytime after it is submitted and until permission to do so — which is implied upon submission of data — is denied.

Barring obvious use of unprotected material, the content of this website is copyright-protected by the site owner unless stated otherwise. All right reserved.

Website Accessibility Statement

The content of this site was made with accessibility in mind and provisions have been made within the allowance of the site’s core and theme levels. If you find inaccessible content, please Contact Me for help.