Menu to Venue, I Can Help

Two levels of service are provided here at Wedding Assist for the various elements of a wedding: I can Support your efforts or Manage these elements wholly. Which level of service you choose depends on your needs. To better help you determine this, let me offer these definitions:

Supporting Role

A Supporting role means I will help you accomplish the tasks you’ve set for yourself. I can help you do some of the leg work, for example, or make some of the calls, be there literally, to help you. An example of my Support-level services might be to have me pick up your wedding dress from the alterer, or to have me meet with a photographer you’ve already selected to go over some of the details. Another way of looking at my Support services might be to think of me as a knowing, capable companion. I can be your friend.

Management Role

A Management role means I will take over whatever applicable aspects of your wedding for which you need a more complete level of support. An example of my Management-level services might be to have me find and arrange for a florist, tending to those needs from start to finish. Staying within your budget. This level of support is extra handy if, for example, you’re from out-of-town and getting here is difficult. I can be not only your friend. I can be your eyes and ears, your feet on the ground. I can really take the worry out of things for you by getting things done, from a few minor tasks to doing it all.